iToplight - Hardware Features

The iToplight is a top quality roof light, providing some unique hardware features that will make it last for a long time and that will help your taxi stand out from the rest.
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The iToplight has a high resolution, full color display with bright RGB diodes

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An integrated light sensor assures adequate brightness both day and night while also conserving power

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The D300-D features a second rear-facing display for utlimate visibility of your messages

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The iToplight supports and can control several external light zones that can be used for status LEDs, a rear lit zone or even an illuminated advertising zone

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PC plastics with additional coating on the visor makes the sign durable

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Choose any color for the top and bottom to match the color of your car, or your company brand

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Pointguard has over 30 years experience of fitting roof signs to vehicles. Side fixing, roof rack or magnetic, we have them all.


The iToplight supports several text modes: standard and bold typefaces, scrolling in multiple directions, etc.

Pointguard's iToplight taxi roof light has a bright full color display

Bright multi-color display

The bright display is the heart of the iToplight. It uses bright, high-quality diodes to ensure good visibility also during sunny days. An integrated light sensor automatically regulates the light intensity so that the light is not too strong and blinding during the dark hours, which also conserves power.
The full rgb color display on the D300 can show logos and graphics which makes it easier to highlight your brand, also at night.

If one display is not enough, the D300D also features a second, independent, display facing backwards. With this you can either get double exposure for your messages, or combine, e.g., taxi number with your status, status with ads, or whatever you prefer.

External status LED zones

One of the great benefits with the iToplight is that the display clearly shows if your taxi is vacant or busy. For the directions where the display is not visible (sides, rear), or when the display is showing other messages, the iToplights have external status diodes that communicates your status with green or red colors. Just like the main display the status diodes utilize a light sensor to ensure that they are always bright enough.

The iToplight taxi sign shows the status of the taxi with bright status LEDs
The iToplight taxi sign highlights your brand and gives you more rides


On the rear side of the iToplight D-300 and D-500 there is an illuminated zone that is often used to show "TAXI". It can also be used to highlight your brand or logotype. The zone can be programmed to be turned on or off for the different memory slots, anyway you want it.

On the D300D, the taxi zone is replaced by the rear display.

Pointguard's iToplight D-200 taxi sign has an illuminated zone on the front where you can highlight your company logo

D-200 Logo zone

On the front of the advertising sign there is an illuminated zone that can be used for the company logotype, a taxi number or similar. This zone can be controlled independently from the integration or app and light levels can be adjusted using the light sensor.

D-200 Top status zone

The D-200 has the same external status LEDs on the front sign as the D-100 and the D-500, but in addition to this it is also possible to get a long status LED bar on the top of the rear sign to ensure maximum visiblity. This zone is interconnected to the other status LEDs.

On the top of Pointguard's iToplight D-200 taxi light there is an extra status zone that will show the customers if your taxi is vacant or not
The iToplight D-200 taxi sign has a lot of space for advertising

D-200 Advertising zone

The main features of the D-200 advertising sign are the illuminated ad-zones available on both sides back part. These zones are illuminated and transparent acrylic covers protect the advertisements. Messages can easily be replaced in just a few minutes by removing the rear part and then sliding in new ads in place of the old ones. The ad space is 805x220 mm on each side. The illumination in the ad-zone can be controlled separately and also here the light sensor can be used to provide just the right amount of illumination.

Multiple Colors

Default color options for the iToplight D300 top are: yellow, white and red and for the bottom plate: yellow, grey and red. However, at an additional cost you can get your iToplight in any color you want. Why not match it with the color of your taxis?

The iToplight taxi sign is available in all colors
Pointguard offers all possible fixing solutions for taxi roof lights

Multiple fixing options

The iToplight is available with a multitude of fixing solutions of the following types: magnetic-, side- and roof racks fixings.

Pointguard has been in the taxi roof sign business for more than 40 years. And an important part of that business includes making sure that our roof signs can be fixed to your vehicle, no matter what model or make.

Smart Bluetooth Control

The iToplight is usually controlled via Pointguard's unique SmartTrig Bluetooth controller. This gives you simple and efficient control of your iToplight directly from your tablet or smartphone. The SmartTrig includes the popular option to automatically control the vacant and hired messages directly from your taximeter. This way you never have to worry about switching messages manually, instead the iToplight automatically follows the status of your taximeter. Other custom messages can naturally be selected manually from the controller app.

Using the SmartTrig controller it is also possible to connect the iToplight to an alarm button and have it show any custom alarm message when the driver is threatened.

The iToplight can be controlled by Pointguard's SmartTrig
Pointguard is a leading developer and manufacturer of taxi roof signs and taxi top lights
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